Winter getaways - Warm Relaxing Beaches vs. Winter Mountain Magic

Brrr! January is upon us and as a New Englander, that means cold and snow!  Traditionally, I have yearned to flee to the warmth of the Florida coast where one can say “ahh” as you turn the crisp white page of your new novel and stretch your freshly painted toes on the glistening tan sands that kiss the calming beauty of the majestic ocean.  There is truly something in that salt air that regenerates the soul and guarantees a nice night’s sleep! 

My husband and his family love all the activities that the winter can offer and through them, I have learned to see the beauty, romance and mystery that a snowy mountainscape can offer.  Stowe, Vermont has been a family favorite of theirs for years.  Between the romantic, picturesque town and the awesome mountain above, you can’t help but fall in love.  There are crackling fires around every corner that invite you to put your feet up and sip wine as you fall in a trance watching the snow dance past the window on its journey from the sky.  It is here that you are encouraged to stay in and surround yourself with your loved ones among board games and funny stories. 

Where must we travel this winter?  Do you embrace the winter or migrate to somewhere warm?  Please share with us your favorite place and why we need to make plans to travel there!